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Yes, this is Hanover

As a regional centre in Grey County, Hanover prides itself on being a progressive and vibrant community. A hub for services surrounded by a rural landscape, within 90 minutes to major urban centres, Hanover is an exciting place to live with its three districts, the Downtown District, Entertainment District and Business Park District. With a casino, horse raceway, a live music and theatre scene, as well as lots of recreational sports to keep you busy after your day job, you’ll never be bored.

Being a gig community, you don’t have to worry about bandwidth to work from home, we’ve got you covered. If a change is what you’re looking for, Hanover is home to over 500 businesses, with a wide range of industries to choose from; including Bruce Power, Canada’s largest nuclear power plant, which is in close proximity to this bustling community.

With attainable housing prices, ranging from newly built to century homes, and growing rental opportunities, it’s time to think about relocating to Hanover. Click the links below for more information, or contact us with any questions you might have.